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Kingham Railbus


The Cotswold Railbus X8 is an easy and stress free way of reaching Kingham Station where you can catch trains to Oxford, Reading and London. Some buses also connect with trains towards Moreton-in-Marsh , Worcester and Hereford.

The bus travels from the centre of Chipping Norton through Churchill and Kingham to Kingham Station. During the daytime, the buses are extended to Foscot, Idbury, Fifield and the Wychwood villages of Milton-under-Wychwood, Shipton-under-Wychwood and Ascott-under-Wychwood.

Railbus X8 operates to a timetable to ensure the bus connects with trains to and from Oxford, Reading and London - making ideal for commuting and for exploring the Oxfordshire Cotswolds!

The Timetables

Railbus X8 operates on Mondays to Saturdays.  Bus 233 provides a Sunday service between Chipping Norton and Witney, serving Kingham Station and the Wychwoods, and provides a link to Burford.

The current timetable from 12 September 2011 until 10 December 2011 can be found here.

Fares and Ticketing

The Adult Single fares from December 2010 are:

Chipping Norton, Health Centre
1.10 Chipping Norton, West Street
1.30 1.10 Hailey Road
1.80 1.60 1.60 Churchill, Bus Shelter
2.10 2.00 1.90 1.50 Kingham, Church Street
2.30 2.00 2.10 1.70 1.10 Kingham Railway Station
2.70 2.70 2.60 2.50 2.10 1.50 Idbury
2.80 2.80 2.80 2.80 2.50 1.70 1.30 Fifield
2.90 2.90 2.90 3.00 2.80 2.10 1.70 1.30 Milton-u-Wychwood
3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 2.30 2.10 1.50 1.30 Shipton-u-Wychwood
3.10 3.10 3.10 3.10 3.10 2.70 2.60 1.70 1.50 1.30 Ascott-u-Wychwood

Return fares are also available. If you're a regular traveller, the following period passes will save you money and allow you to make 12 single journeys for the price of just 10.

  • 1 Week  - 21.00
  • 2 Weeks - 38.00
  • One Month - 65.00

Local authority concessionary travel passes are valid for journeys starting on or after 9.00 am on weekdays. There are no time restrictions at weekends or bank holidays. National travel tokens are also accepted at any time of the day.

If travelling to Chipping Norton by train, you can buy a combined train and bus ticket from any railway station in Great Britain.

The Route

Railbus X8 follows a fixed route and travels along the following roads:

Towards KIngham and the Wychwoods: CHIPPING NORTON (West Street, West End, Churchill Road), B4450, CHURCHILL Shelter, Kingham Road, Churchill Road, KINGHAM (The Green, Church Street, Station Road), Kingham Station, FOSCOT,  Bould, IDBURY, Church Street, FIFIELD Crossroads, MILTON-UNDER-WYCHWOOD (High Street), Shipton Road (SHIPTON-UNDER-WYCHWOOD (Shipton Road, High Street, Ascott Road), Shipton Road, ASCOTT-UNDER-WYCHWOOD (Shipton Road)

Towards Chipping Norton: ASCOTT-UNDER-WYCHWOOD (Shipton Road, The Green, London Lane), B4427, Leafield Road, Swinbrook Road, SHIPTON-UNDER-WYCHWOOD (Ascott Road, High Street, Shipton Road), Shipton Road, MILTON-UNDER-WYCHWOOD (High Street), FIFIELD Crossroads, Church Street, IDBURY, Bould, FOSCOT, Kingham Station, KINGHAM (Station Road, Church Street, The Green), Churchill Road, CHURCHILL Shelter, B4450, Churchill Road, West End, Burford Road, Albion Street, Cattle Market, West Street)

Town Maps

Find out where the bus goes in Chipping Norton or the Wychwoods here.

Hail and Ride

Although there are bus timetables located along the route, they are there to provide information. Railbus X8 operates on a Hail and Ride basis.

The bus will stop anywhere it is safe to do so to pick you up or drop you off. Please signal clearly to the driver in plenty of time, and please try to avoid busy junctions, zebra or pedestrian crossings, or bends in the road.